Nurses Wanted
  Teanna Kai is looking for a really special kind of nurse to join her team of Naughty Nurses. Jassie been longing to have a position under Teanna for a long time, but Teanna isn't sure she'll be good at taking care of people. To prove her worth, Jassie is going to take very good care of Teanna!

Leight: 18:37
Big wmv: 273.86 MB
Small wmv: 84.78 MB
Swelling In The Pants
  The patient is having problems in his lower region, and his nurse has the perfect cure. He's swollen in the pants, and the only way to cure it is to get his favorite naughty nurse to cum treat him. She's got just the right touch to cure any pants swelling!

Leight: 16:02
Big wmv: 235.8 MB
Small wmv: 72.98 MB
Soothing Massage
  Ice la Fox has a patient who's in a lot of pain. He's experiencing some swelling and stiffness below his waistline and he needs immediate care and tension relief. Ice La Fox is really great with her 'theraputic' oral massage, and this patient will feel his swelling go down, and all over her face, in no time!

Leight: 15:17
Big wmv: 224.86 MB
Small wmv: 69.56 MB
Swollen Member
  Joelean is out on an emergency house call. her favorite patient isn't feeling well, and he needs mouth to mouth ASAP! It's a code sexy for this situation as Joelean gets to work on some mouth to mouth therapy to cure his swollen member.

Leight: 21:37
Big wmv: 317.77 MB
Small wmv: 98.35 MB
Head Nurse
  Amythiest isn't the Head Nurse because she's in charge, she's the Head Nurse because that's what she's good at giving! Her patient Mr. West has suddenly gotten very swollen, but his last nurse visit was just a few hours ago! Amythiest is going to have to up his dose of pussy to every hour!

Leight: 16:43
Big wmv: 246.1 MB
Small wmv: 76.06 MB